Feeling Anxious

During this lockdown period we are experiencing due to Covid19, it can become increasingly an anxious time for so many people. Including me. I have had my fair share of WTF moments since this started. The other day, it was simply hearing an ambulance outside, it set me off into a spiral of anxious feelings, …

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Plant Life

The way we eat is changing, and more people are becoming curious of living a more plant focussed, cruelty free lifestyle. It can be overwhelming. It can be confusing. I get it. I made the transition 4 years ago this year and I’ve seen it in that short time become SO much more mainstream!! How …

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Hiding our Body

I got so sick of hiding myself away. Apologising for my body parts. Covering up. Being sad about myself and how I looked.. ⁣⁣The journey to not hating my body. Appreciation, care, acceptance and most of all, love. I love movement every day, I love how it makes me feel, I nourish my body because …

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National Geographic Travel

I was so honoured to be quoted in Nat Geo Travel this month!! In the UK edition, here is my quote, and I stand by it all – there is a new wave of trainers, and we are here to help you from the mind, to the body, and everything in between!

Underwear Model?

People actually instantly look straight at my body when they know what I do, and I sometimes find that hard… ⁣ ⁣ As a trainer, I try to live and breathe body positivity, teaching my clients to love themselves enough to nourish with intuition, from the food we eat, our mentality, and movement. ⁣ It …

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