I run a strict cancellation policy and require a minimum of 12 hours notice for personal training  cancellations, failure to do so will ensure a single session is deducted from block bookings, or if booking in single sessions, an extra session will be payable.

Please also note I require a minimum of 24 hours cancellation for fitness classes, failure to do so will ensure a payment to be made upon the next class for the class missed or days being deducted from monthly memberships.

Please ensure your adhere to the cancellation policy. As you can understand this means I can offer the time for other clients, and saves any wasted time.

Please ensure you turn up for your scheduled appointment/class on time, and not too early/late. All my sessions are scheduled, and I have a short space between clients/classes to set up and get things ready for the next. My clients deserve and get 100% of my time and attention for the full amount of time booked whether that be a class or PT client. Please only arrive a maximum of 10 minutes early to the studio, and understand that after the sessions, this is again the time to get ready for the next person/class.

If you are an unlimited class member, please note that freezing memberships is not an option, the membership will start from the date you have started to that same date the following month: a good tip is to check the classes you’re booked onto for the month ahead, add them up, and see if it is beneficial to book the membership. If you’re unsure when yours runs out, your end date is located next to your name on the whiteboard in the studio.

If you are sick, or have been sick recently, please refrain from coming into the studio and cancel your session as soon as possible. As you can understand being in close proximity with each other means germs do spread easier.

These rules and regulations ensure that the studio runs as efficiently as possible and continued to be accepting, fair and welcoming for everyone.