Being Smaller

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The world once taught me that healthy/attractive only looked a certain way. Small. ⁣Smaller frame, smaller waist, smaller arms, smaller number on the scales. But obviously good big boobs, and a perfect round bum. Obvs. ⁣

An expectation that we are never going to be good enough, or small enough, no matter how much we try. Celebrate that lb loss, but not too much. Drown in the self destruction that comes from a slice of cake, or a ‘gain’. ⁣

An ideology built from so much bullsh*t. From magazines, from the diet culture, from TV, from what men (& women) have been taught is the idea of sexy, from social media, from generations of women in families dieting, and passing that on to their daughters. ⁣

Be smaller. In more ways than one. Be quieter. Be more feminine. Be petite. ⁣

Truth is, I am not totally out of this chain either. But what I do, is SEE it now. I see it, I acknowledge my own feelings when I don’t feel good enough, or small enough, and talk them down. Becoming a PT and nutritionist didn’t instantly mean I was over all the bullsh*t. It meant I was more equipped, and more knowledgable. But I am a human, and I am a woman.⁣

Health does come in all sizes. Truth. Frames are different, bodies are different, we are so beautifully different to one another. ⁣

I am so sorry for all the times I shamed myself, pinched at my skin, threw up, starved myself, binged, hated on this wonderful vessel that has worked wonderfully and tirelessly to get me this far. No matter what I did to it, and what it went through. I am sorry. ⁣

Knowledge, community, connections, movements – these are the things that make me realise I am not alone in this. It is my mission to bring people together. To tell the world that we are so done with trying to be smaller, prettier, lighter and so done with being made to feel like thats where happiness lies. ⁣

My mission is to inspire others to live a little more each day with LOVE for’s not an easy journey, and it’s not done overnight. But you can make the choice right now. STRONG, EMPOWERED, MENTALLY clearer. To exercise and eat well out of LOVE for this life and body you have.

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