about / the vibe

Get to know a little about me, and the whole vibe of our studio community. 

Originally from Manchester, UK, I moved my life over to Barcelona in 2016, after turning my back on corporate life, and starting a fresh. I had recently qualified as a nutritionist, and personal trainer, and I was so passionate about helping others with my unique, and caring approach. 

In 2012, I almost lost my life, in a series of events including blood clots in my heart and lungs. As scary as it was physically, it took the biggest toll on my mental health. A year passed and after feeling so helpless, I decided I needed to change my life. 

Seeing a lot of professionals, I realised there was a huge gap in this environment of ‘fitness’, for people like me. I decided I would retrain, to understand it all for myself, and soon fell in love with the pursuit of physical, mental, and overall wellbeing. Loving myself a little more each day. I became my own first client. 

Pursuing my passion further when I moved to Barcelona, I started helping people outside, in the parks and beaches, or at their homes. My biggest dream was to one day save up enough to buy my own studio – encompassing my desire to help people, in a comfortable, fresh, private & fun environment. 

In November 2017, my dream became reality, and my boutique studio was born!

Our international community and space is a hub for growth, fun and a safe place to ask, learn and develop together. Offering both one to one and small group classes, we always have an intimate experience, ensuring everyone is taken care of. 

Outside of the studio, we have a dedicated WhatsApp and Facebook group, bringing lots of laughs, connection, and inspiration.