Hey gorgeous! Thank’s for stopping by. I’m Holly, I’m a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, originally from Manchester, in the UK.

I wanted to give you a little insight into me here, to help you understand where I have come from, and why I am so passionate about helping others.

After a debilitating health issue in 2012, where I came close to losing my life, I decided everything needed to change. My mindset, my lifestyle, and my relationship with myself. After getting so much conflicting advice, and being a slave to the scales, I took the plunge into learning more for myself. I went back into education, and studied nutrition first, and then onto fitness. For me. I became my own first client. 

It very quickly became my passion, I embarked on a journey to help others how I had helped myself with my new found knowledge and my soul set on fire – I loved it! I started to learn so much about myself too, as I taught others. 

I took a huge risk and moved to beautiful Barcelona in May 2016, after leaving my corporate job and taking up that dream of running my own business. Something I loved, in a place I loved, full time! The scariest but best decision of my life so far.

In October 2016, I was offered an incredible opportunity to be one of my clients private trainer and nutritionist, whilst travelling alongside him. It was an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I soon set off on the trip of a lifetime. Again, the scariest thing to do, but I knew I had to do this.

This trip enabled me to completely fall in love with myself, and life, as cliche as that sounds. It was truly the making of me. I learnt so much, I saw so much, and I truly recognised the importance of accepting who I was, and working on myself first.

I trained around the world in over 20 different countries, became the best of friends with my client, and learnt so much about fitness in different cultures. I allowed myself to explore new ideas, and met some incredible people. I was finally becoming who I knew I wanted to be, and started to dream bigger than I ever thought possible – that felt great!

To see all my adventures, and some incredible travel and training tips, check out www.againstthegrain.in 

I finally opened up my life and mind, I worked on myself and what I truly wanted for my future. I started to work on my dreams, manifesting the life I wanted to create for myself.
That included my boutique fitness studio once I returned to Barcelona!

After lots of saving up, and learning about how to do this. My dream became a reality. I am now the proud owner of my very first boutique studio! I spend my days helping people feel comfortable, excited and happy about fitness. My studio is a reflection of that – clean, ambitious, spacious. A truly positive place for my incredible clients to actually enjoy working on themselves. A hub, and space for people to grow, in the best possible ways. 

This is just the beginning for me, and as I go through this journey of inspiring others, I am also growing into what I knew I could be, I feel more ambitious than ever, and whilst it’s not been easy, I am so proud of what I have created. New projects are on the horizon, and whilst being my own boss comes with challenges, it’s all part of the fun! 

Thank you for stopping by and taking a peak into the making of Holly Barber Personal Training, and how I have got to this point today! I would love to hear from you!