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From boxing brunch, to cosy meditation nights, dancing, playing, creating and lifting weights - add something to your diary you can really look forward to.


2-4 week courses, for a more immersive experience. Learn new skills and enjoy the freedom learning how to move, eat and live with a little more compassion for yourself.


Experience the beautiful Algarve countryside in a beautiful home located on 100 acres of private land to explore, replenish, and be looked after in every aspect.

“I have only positive things to say about Holly, as a person, the studio and everything about it. Who knew that I would actually enjoy moving my body, and had a hidden boxer inside me all these years!”

Victoria Johnson


I have a deep passion to help people understand their bodies, and coax out the joy in movement and taking care of ourselves, without limits or pre conceived ideas.

Once we start to look within, and not at the screaming world of the fitness industry, I truly believe we can become more confident, at ease, and ultimately respect our entire selves a little more. Through education, encouragement and FUN along the way. 

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